Anfield, Finally We Came Also

Anfield, Finally We Came Also

Anfield, Finally We Came Also

Anfield, Finally We Came Also

Liverpool – The sensation of watching directly at Anfield eventually felt by the winners “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest”. They are waiting to watch from near the Reds host the opponent has ended.

The delegation winner “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest” arrived at Liverpool on Tuesday (10/02/2015) afternoon after a long journey. After flying from Jakarta to London, they pass by land use cars to Liverpool.

Although the match Liverpool FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur new kick-off at 20:00 local time, the winners are asked to be ready to leave three hours earlier. Around 1700, the group left the Sir Thomas Hotel to get Anfield.

Ahead of the match, traffic towards solid Anfield creep. So many people who have the same goal today. However, the delegation of Indonesia remains arrived on time, around 18:00.

On arrival at Anfield, the group winners consisting of Rifki Hisham-Sherlya Nadhiva, Satria Anindito-Johan Eka Firman, and Achmad Ridwan-Dawn Matasa Ikbar match ticket direct exchange. They get a place to watch in the Main Stand on the left stands the famous Kop or across the Centenary Stand.

However, before watching the game, the winner gets a rare chance to be entered Legend Lounge which is located behind the Main Stand. In Legend Lounge, they get a special feast of Liverpool plus met with legendary Reds striker Ian Rush.

A few minutes before kick-off, the winner leaving Legend Lounge and toward each seat in the Main Stand. At that time, the Anfield already crowded by the tens of thousands of supporters and a small host Tottenham supporters. It’s hard to find an empty seat in the stadium in this game.

On this night, Anfield’s reputation as one of the noisiest stadiums in England felt directly by the winners of the “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest”. Satrio and friends finally know how the atmosphere Anfield on match days. They were fused with fanfare tens of thousands of other Liverpool fans.

As it was already memorized, they, too, sing-chant chant along with other Liverpool fans throughout the game. They did not awkward when singing along to a special chant when captain Steven Gerrard was about to take a penalty kick early in the second half and then scored. The same thing happened after Mario Balotelli scored the third goal to bring Liverpool beat Tottenham 3-2.

“Fantastico Mario … Mario … magnifico … Ole ole ole … ..”

In the end, the arrival of the winner of the “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest” to Anfield ended with joy. Not just because they can finally realize the dream to watch directly at Anfield, but also because the game runs Liverpoool interesting and emerged as the winner.

After referee Phil Dowd blew the long whistle signaled the end of the game, the Liverpool fans who meet the Anfield seemed so happy. They shook hands and embraced by the fans in the next, and appeared satisfied expression.

“Glad really. It’s true when people say this is a dream come true. Finally the dream since elementary school to watch at Anfield come true,” said Ridwan, one of the winners of “Garuda Indonesia-Liverpool FC Video Contest”, to detikSport after the game.

“It fit my expectations. The game exciting and adrenaline. So was excited too,” he said.