The defeat of Southampton Already 'Blow up' Arsenal

The defeat of Southampton Already ‘Blow up’ Arsenal

The defeat of Southampton Already ‘Blow up’ Arsenal

The defeat of Southampton Already 'Blow up' Arsenal

London – Arsenal amid the recent positive trend since the turn of the year yesterday. Is the defeat of Southampton who whipped the players the Gunners until he could “explode” as it is now.

5-0 win over Aston Villa two days ago so Arsenal’s fifth straight win in all competitions. Impressive record that included beating Manchester City two goals without reply at the Etihad Stadium.

It’s been so Arsenal also only conceded twice, ie, when a 3-2 win over Brighton in the FA Cup, and the rest a clean sheet. Front line was fierce with a total of 15 goals made.

Now Arsene Wenger was in fifth place of the standings with 42 points, equal to that of Southampton in fourth position but lost on goal difference.

Many factors can be considered catapulted Arsenal, which began the return of key players like Mesut Ozil from injury and Theo Walcott, then played David Ospina in goal, and Santi Cazorla are mid on fire.

But arguably the turning point rise is 0-2 defeat at Arsenal earlier this year. Arsenal in the game really made “embarrassed” because it came from two goals Soton blunders and Wojciech Szczesny back line.

It’s been so Szczesny after the match seized smoking in the bathroom dressing room which makes fined, and parked by Wenger.

From there the Arsenal players were gathered and called a meeting held to discuss seriously the sake of the team’s performance, which ultimately have a positive effect as it is today.

“Really deep disappointment when losing in Southampton. Permulaaan very bad in this year,” said Per Mertesacker who was then collect the players as he is the vice captain of Arsenal.

“After that, we made a promise to ourselves to get out of the comfort zone and a little more focus, especially about the performance of the back and not just the four defenders,” he added as quoted by the Mirror.

“It may be that a major focus in our minds today, just try to promise, and after that we played more comfortable, especially the last moment.”

“You can see the benefits when all the players realize that, and I think all quickly realized that after the defeat of Southampton. Sometimes you may need a couple of times a” warning “to realize what it is actually very important.”

We are working hard to improve the way to survive, not only four players to survive, to overcome dangerous balls of the opponent. We look better and our good defense against Man City, it shows a slight improvement. ”

“Sometimes we need to do something that we never anticipated, and perhaps it so the momentum of our victory,” said German defender.