Still Khedira Only familiar with Injury

Still Khedira Only familiar with Injury

Still Khedira Only familiar with Injury

Still Khedira Only familiar with Injury

Jakarta – Sami Khedira injury to the fifth season 2014/2015. This time, the Real Madrid midfielder suffered a hamstring injury and had to pull over for three weeks.

Madrid lost big 0-4 at the Vicente Calderon Atletico Madrid last weekend in La Liga Primera. The negative results become the largest kelalahan Los Blancos since 2011.

Moreover, even Khedira injury. For Khedira itself, it will further shrink the injury a chance to appear more frequently. Yes, Khedira more sitting on the bench this season. Apart from having to enter the treatment room, the appearance of German international was less convincing than Modric and Toni Kroos.

Site Transfermarkt call Khedira is familiar with the injury. Since 2008, he never passes a single season without injury.

Since the 2010/2011 season has been smothering 15 injured Khedira who stopped and went repeatedly. Hamstring injuries obtained in the Madrid derby is expected to take three weeks to recover.

Khedira even have to increase the operating table to overcome his knee problems 10 September last year. It was to correct a knee ligament injury throughout the season.

Khedira newly installed back in mid-October when Madrid face Levante as cadagan player. But, Khedura back injury on Nov. 25. At that time, her calf injury.

Only one week pause, he was injured again. On December 12, Khedira instead skull injury. He collided with one of the players Cornella. As a result, he had to rest nearly two months.

How history Khedira injury last season? He injured a ligament in mid-November 2013. The injury forced him to pull up until the end of the season.

Injury was recovered in a timely manner. So Khedira could appear in the World Cup with the German national team. But, it was not smooth, the German national team can not lower him in the finals because of a muscle injury.

According to Marca, however, that the injury be the greatest terror for Khedira. Since joining up an injury in 2013 that, Khedira is continue to be the primary choice. He lowered more than 40 games each season since joining Real Madrid in 2010.

In the three previous seasons, Khedira is also not free from injury. Starting from a muscle injury to the arm right leg muscle injury.