Could Players Indonesia glance MU?

Could Players Indonesia glance MU?

Could Players Indonesia glance MU?

Could Players Indonesia glance MU?

Jakarta – A total of 11 young players from Indonesia will get a chance to follow the training camp at Old Trafford. Could any of them are considered by Manchester United?

Through the event CLEAR Come! Indonesia Could Academy in 2015, young talent shine football homeland to be the best. Thousands of participants vying for the sake elected issued their ability to direct practice in Manchester.

Currently the province has entered a stage of selection rounds, which will be held in six different locations. Aceh became the first location that is held at this stage of selection.

The next selection was held in Jakarta, precisely in Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Brass, March 7 to 8 tomorrow. Selection will be monitored directly by the two coaches from Manchester United Soccer School and former Red Devils striker Andy Cole.

From Jakarta, the selection will continue to Bandung, Semarang, Malang, and Papua. The end result of selection is scheduled to be announced in April. A total of 11 best players will be flown to the UK in May to train there for one week.

“Obviously it will take a long time to do the selection pursed up to 11 best players. Later they will be collected at the training camp prior to Old Trafford,” said Senior Brand Manager CLEAR, Johan Lie, in a press conference in Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday ( 06.03.2015).

Interesting wait if the best players that will be sent to Manchester will be able to steal the attention of Manchester United and then offered to join the Premier League giants.

“If asked may or not (recruited MU), I think nothing is impossible. But, everything is back to each player,” said Johan.

In the same occasion, Cole also did not rule out the inclusion of players of Asia, including Indonesia, to the MU team.

“I hope so. That’s why we’re here,” he said.

“I think the Asian football is now bigger and bigger. More and more young Asian players who play in Europe. I think Asia is pretty good players,” said Cole.