Barca: No Problem Conquer Guardiola

Barca: No Problem Conquer Guardiola

Barca: No Problem Conquer Guardiola

Barca: No Problem Conquer Guardiola

Barcelona – Pep Guardiola has been and will always be part of the history of Barcelona. Next morning, the two reunited despite the odds. Neat opportunity for conquering Blaugrana the maestro, but that’s not their focus.

Guardiola name has been recorded in history books Barca, either as a player or coach. From the La Liga title, the Copa del Rey, Champions League, Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup already won as a soldier and as an interpreter gridiron tactics.

He has already assumed the title of most successful coach at Barca since won 14 titles in just four years of coaching. No exaggeration if Guardiola has called a special bond very strong with the Catalan team, in addition to start a career there.

Guardiola will now return to the Camp Nou for the first time since leaving Barcelona in 2012 ago. With Bayern Munich, 44-year-old coach will face former foster children who are still largely to be the backbone Los Cules.

For Barca, this became a neat opportunity to conquer the man who had brought them to triumph in Europe and the world a few years ago. Triumph that has not been able to be replicated or even approached by his successors ranging from Tito Vilanova to Gerardo Martino, until now the turn of Luis Enrique who get the chance.

Becoming increasingly felt like a moment of proving given a polished team Guardiola, Bayern, also not a team at random. They have an impressive track record in the Champions League three times in the final (one-time champion) in the last five seasons.

Enrique assess Bayern Guardiola has developed further. But he insists that the focus and the team is not conquered Guardiola, but Bayern.

“I think Bayern, since Guardiola became coach, had a slightly different style. He has maintained the positive aspects Bayern and add their own touch,” said Enrique on the official UEFA website.

“They are without a doubt, one of the best of teams in Europe. We do not think about beating Pep, we want to beat Bayern, one of the most popular teams in Europe,” he said.

Enrique further expressed confidence that this match will be running exciting and interesting. Both have special attention to the control of the ball, Enrique ready in competition with former teammate at Barca and the Spanish national team.

“I think Pep did not have any doubts about what would we both did. We both want control of the ball and we’ll see who is in the form of puz better. This is one of the most attractive games in Europe,” he said.