Defeat the Warriors 3-1, Roma Bring Home Three Points

Defeat the Warriors 3-1, Roma Bring Home Three Points

Defeat the Warriors 3-1, Roma Bring Home Three Points

Defeat the Warriors 3-1, Roma Bring Home Three Points

Singapore – Roma successfully achieve full points in a visit to Singapore. Compete against the host Warriors FC, ‘Black Pearl Team’ won the match 3-1.

In the first matchday of the group phase match of the AFC Cup at the Jalan Besar Stadium on Tuesday (24/2), Roma dominated the match from the start. Meanwhile, the Warriors would prefer to wait and endure the meeting.

Nevertheless, even the Warriors themselves who finally made a mistake at the back. Errors that which gave birth to the first goal of the Roma in the 30th minute.

Goals came from pressure exerted by Robertino Pugliara against Thomas Beattie on the right side. Beattie who hassles retain the ball finally releasing the pass to his right side. Bad luck for Beattie, the ball actually struck by Lancine Kone. Flat kick Kone then make Roma 1-0.

Just four minutes, Boaz Solossa make Roma doubled their advantage. Again errors Warriors players in anticipation of the attack took part in the creation process goals.

Operand of Robertino released from the right side failed anticipated by Warriors defender. The ball actually bounced once on the back foot Warriors and eventually struck by Boaz with the left foot volley kick. Boaz kicking the ball bounced before finally entering into the top corner Warriors.

2-0 score lasted until the first round is completed. In the second half, the Warriors tried to get out of pressure by playing short operands in the middle.

However, the Warriors are always difficult to penetrate the defenses of Roma. Meanwhile, Justin injury Pae make Joon-Sik Lim played. The Korean midfielder several times to release a first-time pass from the center to help transition Roma attack.

In the 55th minute, Lim releasing a long pass from behind. Operands received by Boaz who ran from the right side. Boaz then finish with a right leg kick, but the kick was wide.

A minute later, Roma finally created a third goal. Back, blunders rear lines Warriors play. Operand ball Warriors goalkeeper, Mohammed Neezam, appropriated by Robertino. The player number 10 was then releasing operand to the left and received by Nelson Alom. Name of the latter then finish it with a kick.

In the 69th minute, the Warriors finally scored a goal against Roma. Starting from the exhaust ball Roma defense, Andy Ahmad pick. He immediately fired a volley kick towards the top corner of the goal Roma. Roma goalkeeper, Dede Sulaiman, was not able to reach it.

Afterwards, Roma pressed again. Robertino back mengadali Beattie from the right side and let the bait attraction. However, the ball was cleared Warriors players. The Roma players assess the ball had on hand the player the Warriors, but the referee says no.

3-1 score lasted until the long whistle sounded.