Football clubs in the World with Unique Name

Football clubs in the World with Unique Name

Football clubs in the World with Unique Name

Football clubs in the World with Unique Name

Jakarta – The name of a football club always has a story behind it. Some of them even have a name that is unique or even unusual.

Telegraph summarizes 11 football clubs in the world that has a unique name. Some even considered a ridiculous name because there is nothing to do with football.

Not only that, a number of football clubs in the name of the list also has an unusual meaning in other languages. Anything?

1. Young Boys

Despite the name, Young Boys it is one of the oldest clubs in Switzerland. The club was founded in 1898 by four students on the University of Bern.

Initially, four students held a football match against Basel Old Boys Association. Taking the opposite with his name it, they then formed Football Club Young Boys.

Young Boys is currently competing in the Swiss Super League and compete in the Europa League.

2. Semen Padang

Telegraph subsequently enter one of these football clubs from Indonesia to the list of teams with a unique name in the world. Semen Padang FC is considered unique because it uses the name of the manufacturer of cement.

Semen Padang was initially owned by PT Semen Padang is the oldest cement company in Indonesia. The company was also the main sponsor of the ‘Kabau Sirah’.

3. Deportivo Wanka

Deportivo Wanka is team based in the city of Huancayo, located in the Andes Mountains in Peru section. The club was named in such a way to honor those who had menghunii Wankas the region.

Not unexpectedly, Deportivo Wanka turns popular name in the UK. In 2006, jerseys Deportivo Wanka become collectibles English football enthusiast. At least 1,000 sweatshirts sold in just a few weeks.

However, unfortunately, they are less popular positive connotation in English. Wanka sounds like ‘wanker’ which in English slang meaning people who masturbate. Oops!

4. Botswana Meat Commission

Botswana, one of the country located in southern Africa, is known as an exporter of meat. Who would have thought, the meat is also used as the name of the football club.

Botswana Meat Commission FC is a football club which is located in the town of Lobatse, Botswana. The club’s name exactly the same as a commission set up by the local government to be responsible to the affairs of the slaughter and sale of beef for export.

Botswana Meat Commission, which also had a rock band, was not the only football club that has a unique name in Botswana. There is also a club names like Golden Bush (scrub gold) and Naughty Boys (juvenile delinquents).

5. Fotballaget Fart

This football club based in Vang, a town in northern Norway. Although the men’s team of the club is often up and down in the division three and four, but even more outstanding female teams.

In the Norwegian language, there is nothing wrong with the name Fotballaget Fart. The name means ‘fast football team’. But when translated into English, the name was so funny because it means fart fart.

6. Insurance Management Bears

Insurance Management Bears FC (or commonly abbreviated Bears FC) is a league clubs that competed in the Bahamas. The club was founded by Anton Sealey when he served as President of the Bahamas Football Association in 1996.

The name is taken from the Insurance Management Anton worked at the time. After obtaining approval from the insurance company where she worked it, be Anton uses the name for the establishment of a football club.

Like a bear, Bears FC transformed into a formidable club in the Bahamas. They recorded six times seven times champion of his participation in the national championship.

7. The Strongest

If there is a saying ‘name is a prayer’, perhaps it is also expected by the founder of The Strongest FC for his club in 1908 ago. Previously, the club was named the Strong Football Club.

In fact, The Strongest grown to be one of the stronger clubs in Bolivia. In 1930, they became the first team and the only one in Bolivia, who won the league without conceding.

Until now, The Strongest has collected 13 professional league title Bolivia. Bebasis club in La Paz was a club that had the second highest number of titles after Bolivar (23).

8. Hearts of Oak

Hearts of Oak based in Accra, Ghana’s capital. Founded in 1911, Hearts of Oak is the oldest football club that still exist in Ghana.

Using oak name, who in Indonesian means Ek– tree, Hearts of Oak also use the tree as a club logo. Not enough with a unique name, Hearts of Oak also has a nickname that is not less strange: Phobia.

9. Dinamo Bender

At first glance there is nothing strange with the name of Dinamo Bender, especially this club from the city of Bender, Moldova. But, they are very often renamed.

Founded with the name Burevestnik Bender in 1950, they later changed their name to Lokomotiv Bender nine years later. Starting in 1960, they renamed Nistrul Bender which lasted for 13 years.

After mutually name, the club is then called themselves FC Tighina since 2011. But since 2014, the club was re-renamed it Клуб снят с чемпионата. Name in Russian it means ‘club issued from the tournament’. Seriously!

10. Kalamazoo Outrage

Names such strange football club became an unwritten rule in the United States. Beginning with the city or the base of the club, the name of the football club in the US followed by a noun strange, even abstract.

Some of them had dispersed, such as the Milwaukee Rampage (rampage = tantrums), Knoxville Impact (impact = impact), and Michigan Madness (Madness = madness). But nothing beats the name Kalamazoo Outrage (outrage = cruelty). Unfortunately, as the three clubs mentioned earlier, Outrage also disbanded in 2010 after only lasted for three years.

11. Deportivo Moron

Located in the town of Moron, Argentina, there’s nothing wrong with the name used by Deportivo Moron. The club currently competing in the third division league Argentina.

But this obviously means ridiculous name for an Englishman. ‘Moron’ in English means a fool. Duh!